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Self Defense - Branford, FL

American Kenpo Karate Training in Branford, FL- LAKE CITY , FLORIDA - LIVE OAK, FLORIDA - Fort White , FLORIDA - Bell , FLORIDA - Mayo , FLORIDA

*AKKUinc is the ONLY American Kenpo Karate school in all of the North Florida and South Georgia area.*

{ Servicing LAKE CITY Florida, Live Oak Florida,  Mayo Florida, Bell Florida, Fort White Florida, High Springs Florida, and Branford Florida. North Central Florida's ONLY Authentic American Kenpo Karate school. Teaching Parker American Kenpo Karate, self defense, women's self defense. Suwannee Counties Oldest professional martial arts school. Established in 2004' Bordering Suwannee County, Columbia County, Gilcrest County, Dixie County, Lafayette County }

 OPEN!! All group and private class instruction have resumed. Classes are all being taught in a fun filled and health safe environment strictly following CDC guidelines.

"Private" (1-2 people) Certified Handgun & FL Concealed Weapon classes are available.


KENPO KARATE was depicted in the movie "The Perfect Weapon"

Welcome to Walker's American Kenpo Karate University, Inc. North Florida’s premiere source for Kenpo Karate training in Branford, FL.

American Kenpo Karate is a system of martial arts which is characterized by the use of quick moves in rapid-fire succession intended to overwhelm any opponent. Unlike some other martial arts, Kenpo instruction can be tailored to the individual students' needs and body make up.

At AKKUinc, we teach age specific classes for students from ages 4 through senior. Kenpo is an art you are never too old to learn. Based on real life self defense scenarios anyone might find themselves facing either at home or out in the street, Kenpo is the martial art answer to learn for the world we live in today.

Students of Kenpo Karate report many benefits, both physical and mental.

Some of the Physical benefits include:

Learning "practical" self defense skills

Improvement in flexibility and range of motion

Increasing students coordination

Increasing students endurance

Some of the Mental benefits:                

Strengthening Mental attitude and Confidence

Increasing Focus and Concentration

Helps reduce stress

Meet great new friends

Do not wait any longer. Start your journey for a better life and call us today for a FREE no cost no obligation introductory lesson. And for a limited time, mention you visited the web site and new students will receive a FREE uniform when they enroll in AKKU’s introductory program. Don’t delay, call today!

Karate Instructor - Branford, FL

Pictured with me with my kenpo instructor, 1st generation Ed Parker Kenpo 10th degree black belt, Senior Master of the arts, Lee Wedlake


Proud Member of:
  Progressive Kenpo Systems
  MAIA - Martial Arts Industry Association

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